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Electronic Chart Display and Information System

Samyung SE-3000/ LC-3000 ECDIS

• Pure domestic technology • Menus on duel languages (English, Korean/servicable to other languages on demand)(incl. the Manual) • Various lines of products for the satisfaction of the customers • Global A/S network • intensified function · RADAR display overlay · AIS...

Furuno ECDIS FMD-3100

Features – Streamlined integration into the onboard navigation system; perfectly suited for ECDIS retrofitting projects – 2 LAN ports and 4 serial ports are available to facilitate smooth integration into a bridge network as well as interface with onboard...

Furuno ECDIS FMD-3200/3200

The ECDIS FMD-3200 (with 19″ LCD) and FMD-3300 (with 23.1″ LCD) deliver great enhancement in terms of user interface as well as functionality. The ECDIS employs intelligently arranged Graphic User Interface elements that deliver task-based operation scheme...

Raytheon Anschutz ECDIS 24

The new ECDIS 24 is an Electronic Chart Display and Information System, which has been designed especially for the needs of ECDIS retrofit. Based on the well-known Raytheon Anschütz ECDIS software, the new ECDIS 24 comes with an off-the-shelf 24 inch TFT Panel- PC...

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