For retrofitting an old gyro compass with the Standard 22 Gyro Compass, Raytheon Anschütz offers a series of universal course converters: serial/360° synchro converter, serial/universal synchro converter and serial/universal step converter (for more information, please visit “Configurations” or download the brochure). These converters enable to retain existing equipment and can be used to replace virtually all available gyro compasses in the market.

The gyro compass retrofit solution is a cost-efficient way to benefit from the latest gyro compass technology of Standard 22. The Standard 22 Gyro Compass ensures highest accuracy and maximum reliability under all environmental conditions. Operational safety was dramatically increased due to a patented data transmission technology that completely replaces the use of slip rings. Combining proven technology and long maintenance periods with most advanced features, the Standard 22 Gyro Compass is a long time secure investment with lowest operation costs and thus, a very cost-efficient retrofit solution.