The JUE-251, JRC’s new FleetBroadband 250 terminal, continues the success of its predecessor, featuring a reliable industry standard interface and an advanced network router in a compact design.

All New Antenna Design
This all-new designed antenna, resulted from JRC’s long experience of antenna development, features a two-axis control and the base of the dome is carved from one solid piece of aluminum, making it stable and durable.

By adapting to the latest technologies, the size of the antenna is reduced. Weight is about 60% of previous model – while keeping it robust and easy to install. Even without gyro/GPS input, the system keeps fine satellite tracking performance.

A single coax cable is used between the antenna and main unit allowing for easy installation.

Simultaneous Access
This next-generation solution offers an unparalleled range of services to suit all types and tonnages of vessels. The service provides simultaneous voice and broadband data through a compact antenna, allowing you to run online operation systems, whilst still having access to email, intranet and voice calls – a significant improvement to both operational and social use.

Optimal Connectivity
Enhanced connectivity, based on 3G standards, provides constant, simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data in a compact solution, designed specifically for the marine environment. Standard IP for email, internet and intranet access via a secure VPN connection, at speeds up to 284 kbps and streaming IP guaranteed data rates up to 128 kbps.