Marine Communications

A1 to A4 Communications

Lowrance Link-2 DSC VHF/GPS

Link-2 is a feature-rich, free-floating handheld VHF radio that is Class D DSC compliant and features Man Over Board functionality and storage for up to 300 waypoints. It is ideal for everyday use or convenient storage in an emergency kit.

The Link-2 is full Class-D DSC enabled VHF. This marine radio has digital selective calling (DSC) capacity that meets the United States Coast Guard standard for all recreational vessels. You’ll never miss a DSC call.


128 x 128 pixel LCD with adjustable contrast settings and backlighting, and prominent channel display
Includes a choice of high or low (5W to 1W) transmission power
“Track-Your-Buddy” allows boaters to pinpoint and display the exact location of other vessels using PLL position polling techniques
“Get Buddy” feature transmits the radio’s position by push of a button, allowing buddies to receive bearing and distance data from other Link-2 units
Latitude, longitude and time display
A distress call button with hinged door
The ability to select and program up to three favorite channels on a dedicated key
Flexible dual and tri watch for greater channel monitoring
Weather alerts
Buddy list of up to 20 people
NMEA 0183 compatible
Supported by the Lowrance Advantage Service program

Lowrance Link-8 DSC VHF


New for 2013, the Link-8 marine VHF radio combines reliable performance with critical safety features for complete communication anywhere on the water.


Flush mountable Class D DSC fixed mount VHF transceiver 25 W / 1 W transmission power

Built-in dual-channel AIS receiver with AIS plot functionality Extra large, high resolution LCD display

NMEA 2000® connectivity plus NMEA0183

High quality fist mic with built-in speaker MOB feature

Track Your Buddy option Dual Watch / tri watch and all scan functions PA/Hailer horn output with Listen Back Feature

10 weather channel 20 user programmable names with MMSI Fully waterproof

Lowrance Link-5 DSC VHF

The Link-5 marine VHF system is compact and affordable with an ultra-rugged waterproof (IPX7) chassis. Meeting the latest international compliance standards, the Link-5 delivers the ultimate reliability and performance, for unparalleled safety and communication on-the-water, anywhere in the world.

Link-5 offers a best-in-class microphone with six quick keys for simple and reliable helm operation, plus a built-in speaker that delivers clear audio that is easy to hear – even with the ambient noise typically associated with boating. It also features an easy-grip rubber molding cover for secure holding and operation.

Safety is always a concern; Lowrance designed the Link-5 for clear and simple Class D DSC operation. Link-5 features an efficient, extra-large rotary knob interface for easy channel changing, menu navigation and setting control. Clear display of GPS lat/lon data is presented on a 1 x 1.8 in (2.6 x 4.6 cm) LCD display with adjustable backlighting. Delivering all USA, Canadian and International marine channels, the system provides easy access to all DSC functions. The Lowrance Link-5 features an extra large Channel 16 key, dedicated volume and squelch knobs, weather keys, selectable Dual and TriWatch modes, local and distant functions, and three user-programmable (“favorites”) channels.

Equipped with memory retention, the radio logs up to 10 distress calls and 20 individual DSC calls. DSC control keys include (priority) 16/9, WX, 3CH/+/- for quick channel changing, CALL, EXIT, SCAN and MENU. Additional system features include a rotary volume control with power on/off, all-channel priority and memory channel scans, 20 user-programmable names with MMSI, 10 weather channels with a 1050 Hz tone alert and a second receiver for incoming DSC messages on Channel 70.

Offering selectable 25/1-watt transmit power and NMEA 0183 compatibility, the Link-5 includes a flush-mount kit, wires for 4-watt external speakers, a PL259 connection for optional 2.4 m and 1 m fiberglass antennas. Stainless-steel and nylon antenna mounts are available from Lowrance, too.


Class D compliant with dedicated DSC transceiver
Selectable 25 watts transmit power / 1 watt low power mode
Highest quality easy grip rubber fist microphone with speaker
XL Channel 16/9 key and rotary knob
Quick “favorites” channel access
Dedicated volume and Squelch knob
NOAA weather alerts
5-year Advantage Program

Samyung SH-200 Marine VHF

• Waterproof to JIS-7 Specifications
• USA, International and Canadian Channels
• 10 Weather Channels
• 1200mAh li-ion Battery Pack
• Standard Charger with AC adapter
• Highly Legible LCD Dispiay with automatic Backlight
• Two Transmit Powers(%W,1W)
• Programmable Memory Scan
• Keypad Lock
• Dual Watch Monitor

Icom IC-M91D

The World’s First Active Noise Cancelling Handeld with DSC, GPS and MOB

DSC enabled
Float’n Flash
Waterproof (IPX7)
Built-in GPS
Intuitive user interface with directional keypad
Full dot-matrix LCD
50 Waypoint memories
High-sensitivity GPS for DSC functions
(distress, individual calls, way point, compass, navigation)
5W RF output
700mW BTL internal speaker
Noise cancelling functionality
1500mAh Li-Ion battery (8 hour typical battery life)
Compact design
Optional waterproof speaker-microphone available (HM167)
AquaQuake draining function
2 year warranty on radio



Icom IC-M88

The Professionals Choice!

Waterproof, not just water resistant (JIS 7)
Li-Ion battery for extra long battery life
55 Marine Channels and 22 free channels for Land use
Suitable for use with VHF LMR band private frequencies
Large Backlit LCD display
Normal, Priority “TAG” scanning
Intrinsically Safe version available (with scrambler capability)
Waterproof speaker Mic, battery case & antenna



Icom IC-M73

Professional, Noise Cancelling Marine VHF

Waterproof construction (IPX8)
Last Call Voice Recording
5.0, 3.0 & 1.0 Watt Output power (2-step power saver)
High capacity lithium ion battery (2000mAh) (15-16 hrs+*) *Duty cycle: 5:5:90
700mW Loud Audio & Bass Boost Function
Active Noise Cancelling Technology
AquaQuake Water draining feature
Auto scan function
Multiple Scan modes (Dual/Tri-watch)
Optional VOX hands free operation Req: (OPC-1392 & HS94 / HS95 / HS97)
55 Marine channels with Alpha-Tagging
70 Private channels available
Optional Rugged Waterproof speaker mic (HM202)

Icom IC-M35

Floating 5W VHF Marine Transceiver

Waterproof/Submersible (IPX7) (1m depth, 30min.)
NEW “Clear Voice” Automatic Volume adjustment that reacts to background noise
NEW “Voice Boost” button for instant Maximum Audio
NEW Noise canceling microphone for better audio
Large backlit LCD display
Instant access to CH16 / User call Channel
Normal, Priority “TAG” scanning
“Fav” channel button
BP252 Li-Ion Battery supplied (7.2V / 980mAh)
55 Marine Channels
Optional BP251 AAA Battery Case
Optional Waterproof Speaker Microphone



Icom IC-M23

Smallest and Lightest Floating Handheld radio on the market

Float’ N Flash- see the radio when in the water in the dark!
Smallest Floating Handheld radio on the market (as researched by ICOM in Dec 10 )
Energy Saving Technology
Volume Loud and Mute Functions
Easy to see large LCD
Waterproof, Submersible IPX7 Rating




Simrad HS35 Wireless Handset

Use your Simrad RS35 VHF/AIS Radio wherever you are on your boat, with the HS35 wireless handset. Easy to use and with full VHF functionality, this innovative handset gives you total freedom of movement on board your boat.

Key Features
Wireless Control
Inductive Charging
100m Range
Keypad Lock
Fully Waterproof


Simrad HH36 Handheld VHF

A feature-packed handheld, Class D, DSC marine VHF radio loaded with the latest technology, integrated GPS, loud and clear audio and navigational features that leave other handheld VHF radios in the shade. Great for use on any sized boat, for professional or leisure use.

Key Features
Extra Large Display
Class D DSC
Integrated GPS
Dedicated Channels
Easy to use
Dual watch
Selectable transmit power
Long battery life
‘Get Buddy’ feature
NMEA 0183
Navigation mode
Plotter mode



Icom IC-M604

High Performance VHF Marine with up to two optional COMMANDMIC

Waterproof, not just water resistant (IPX 7)
55 marine channels with TAG scan
2nd station ready with COMMANDMIC II or III
70 private channels available
Built in DSC (Digital Selective Calling ) Class D
Position request & position report (NMEA input & output)
Built in 30 Watt 2 way Hailer with Foghorn
Rx speaker function (Received radio audio from hailer)
Large dot-matrix LCD

COMMANDMIC III (HM162B/SW) or COMMANDMIC II (HM157B/SW) [full remote control & intercom facility]
Voice scrambler

Icom IC-M505

The Submersible PLUS Marine VHF with Class D DSC

Waterproof construction (IPX8) (1.5m depth for 30 min.)
Icom All 55 marine channels with TAG scan
(plus programmable channels)
2nd station ready with COMMANDMIC II or III
70 private channels available
“Smart” speaker microphone (Channel & power level selection)
Built in DSC (Digital Selective Calling ) Class D
Hailer function (25W) and Auto fog horn function
“Dot-Matrix” LCD display (with 12 Alpha-Character tagging)
“Tag”, Dual & Tri Watch Scanning
COMMANDMIC III (HM162B/SW) or COMMANDMIC II (HM157B/SW) [full remote control & intercom facility]


Icom IC-M400BB

A No-Compromise, Space-Saving Marine VHF Radio

25W output power
Class D DSC
Waterproof (IPX7)
Full dot-matrix LCD
Intuitive user interface with directional keypad and rotary selector
Active noise cancelling
10W loud audio with public address and foghorn functions
(external speaker required)
Black Box setup – full remote operation through HM195
MarineCommander and MA-500TR compatible
(DSC and AIS functionality)
NMEA 0183 in/out
AquaQuake draining function on HM195
All 55 marine channels
Black and white HM195 units available

Icom IC-M423

Feature Rich, Simple-to-use, Icom Sets Another Benchmark

25W output power
Class D DSC
Waterproof (IPX7)
Full dot-matrix LCD
Intuitive user interface with directional keypad and rotary selector
Active noise cancelling
10W loud audio with public address and foghorn functions
Optional COMMANDMIC 4 for full remote operation
MarineCommander and MA-500TR compatible
(DSC and AIS functionality)
NMEA 0183 in/out
AquaQuake draining function
All 55 marine channels
Black and white versions available
2 year warranty on radio

Icom IC-M304

Waterproof Compact Body With Large LCD and Powerful Audio

New large easy to see LCD display
Waterproof/ Submersible (IPX7) for fresh water cleaning
DSC (Digital Selective Calling) one touch distress and location alert
DSC: Position Request/ Report function
AquaQuake water draining function
Force 5 Audio for clear voice reproduction
Low voltage indicator
Available in white, black or gray
Made in Japan



Simrad RS12 VHF Radio

Communicate clearly with this dependable and versatile Class D DSC Approved marine VHF Radio. Fully loaded with features and ideal for a variety of boats from small RIBs to larger cruisers.

Key Features
Highly visible backlit LCD Display
Intuitive Controls
Class D DSC
NMEA2000® compatible
Dedicated Channel 16 key
Dual and Tri watch function
ATIS function
All international channels
10 weather channels (U.S. Only)
20 user programmable names with MMSI
All channel priority/memory scan
Rotary volume control
Simrad Yachting construction


Simrad RS35 VHF/AIS Radio

See, hear and be heard with the RS35 VHF/AIS fixed mount radio. This premium VHF and AIS receiver solution allows users to communicate clearly on board and off.

Key Features
Class D DSC Approved
Dual Channel AIS Receiver
Ergonomic fist mic with built in speaker
Wireless Handset Option
Fully Waterproof
Position Poll, Track & Group Call
Dual/Tri Watch
Lat/Long Display
Loud And Clear Audio including 22 Watt Hailer with listenback
NMEA 0183® and NMEA 2000 Compatible
Advanced radio features including AIS plot…


Simrad RS90 VHF/AIS Radio

Stay connected in every way with the Simrad RS90 VHF. More than just a radio it’s got functionality built in. AIS receiver, hailer, foghorn, intercom and NMEA connectivity, all standard. Not sure who’s calling you; a thirty second record and replay means you never miss anything vital and with support for up to 6 handsets you need never be out of reach.

Key Features
Premium modular VHF Radio
Up to 6 Stations: 4 Wired handsets and 2 Wireless handsets
Works with HH35 Wireless Handset
Track Your Buddy feature with compatible Simrad MFDs
PA/Hailer Horn output with Record and Playback feature


Samyung STR-6000A DSC/VHF

Features • Includes all channels specified in ITU-RR(NOAA Weather channel) • DUAL/TRIPLE WATCH function and TAG SCAN function built-in. • 20 MMSI number in 2 groups-MMSI number save, edition and call function. • Latitude/Longitude display function when connected with GPS. • Over 160 characters can be seen in one large LCD. • Priority selection of Ch.16 and adoption of noise free mic. • Compact & light design for any-where installation.   str_6000a

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