Weather Facsimile Receiver SFX-100 Weather Fax for a generic LCD monitor, Printer, Keyboard to print message/weather chart. Receiving NAVTEX information by Weather fax.

• Weather Fax for a generic LCD monitor/PC/Laptop, Printer,Keyboard to print message / weather chart.
• Stored Max 20 images Data
• To select stored image by user friendly soft key mode.
• Receive standard weather information from WMO (World Meteorological Organization)
• Clear image by anti-noise device.
• Select Black, Yellow and black, Green and Black, Gay-Scale in screen.
• Auto tune to optimize receiving quality.
• Connect to the best station by setting automatic receive channel.
• Stored up to 16,000 letters message each channel in NAVTEX mode.
• Frequency Range : FAX(0.5MHz~25MHz) NAVTEX(490KHz/4209.5KHz. 518KHz)
• Channel in available : 320 channels
• Storage : FAX(20 Pictures), NAVTEX(115 massage/Max. 16,000 letters per channel)
• Receive type : Double Super Heterodyne
• Modulator : FAX(F3C/J3C), NAVTEX(F1B)
• Interface : LCD Monitor, KeyBoard, Printer
• Power Supply : 10.8V ~ 31.2VDC, 1A
• Antenna : Wire Antenna, Whip Antenna