• Class-A Universal AIS Complying with IMO MSC. 74(69) Annex3, IEC 61993-2,
ITU-R M.1371-3, ITU-R M.493-13, ITU-R M.825(DSC), IEC-60945, IEC-61162-1/2.
• Displaying navigational data based on Dynamic / Static data.
• Completely compatible with all system using NMEA standard.
• Edition of user message on navigation & ship securities is available.
• GLONASS/GPS function available receiving Signal from Russian Satellite.
• Interfaces with RADAR, ECDIS, GYRO COMPASS, and external GPS, etc.
• Easy identification on other ship’s status by providing electronic chart data.
• System self-restoring function enhances stability.
• Adopted user-friendly one touch keypad.