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We love telling our story and we are proud of our founding executives and how they build this now thriving company. This is our current portfolio and capabilities and our humble yet colourful beginnings dating back in the early 80’s.

Our Profile

Established in 1985, as Siliwangi Electronics Services primarily dealing with the supply and maintenance of radars, rebranded in 2014 as Siliwangi Marine Technologies to reflect the current portfolio. The company has grown to become one of the leading end-to-end provider of marine navigation, communications and support services in Indonesia. Based in Jakarta and with representative office in Surabaya, these offices serves two of the largest ports in the country.

Our mission is to provide flexible and cost efficient end-to-end solutions to the navigation and communications requirements of the maritime industry in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific Region. To carry out this mission, our engineering teams specializes in installation, commissioning, and integration of new equipment to the ships on board electronics and are well equip to repair or replace components at a moments notice. We also maintain spare parts for out of production products to support this time sensitive mission, and to show our commitment, we provide warranties to services and repairs that we provide even if the product is out of production.

The team has combined 50 years of experience in the industry and they travel all over the region to support our customer needs. Our belief has always been to get the vessel fully operational within the shortest time possible, this gave us the reputation of “fix it first, then we do the business end later” a sort of emergency room of the marine navigation and electronics sector of the maritime industry. Though word of mouth this reputation help us to grow our customer base to include the biggest sea freight and cargo companies in Indonesia. Besides our own product portfolio we also collaborate with other suppliers in Indonesia, Singapore, China, Korea and Europe to provide seamless list of products for our customers to provide a truly cost effective and one stop solution for their marine navigation and electronics needs.

Our Products

Marine Navigation ECDIS System, Integrated Navigation System, Electronics Navigational System, Automatic Identification System, Gyro & Magnetic Compass, GPS Compass/ Receivers, Marine Antennas, Nautical Charts, Nautical Publications, Simulators and Training Software.

Marine Communications GMDSS Radio, Search and Rescue Transponders, MF/HF Radio, DSC/VHF Radio Telephone, SSB Transceivers, VHF Portable Radio.

Our Capabilities

Installation, Commissioning & Integration of Marine Electronics

Shore Based Routine Preventive Maintenance

On Demand Shore Based Corrective Maintenance

Gyro Compass Maintenance and Service Specialist

Spare Parts Supply and Services.

Our Humble & Colourful Beginnings

Siliwangi has a very long and colorful history, it started in the mid 70’s as a hobby. It’s founder Hien Shimokawa an Indonesian of Japanese descent was an avid electronics engineer and enthusiast who lived in Semarang Indonesia. He used to play around with anything that had electronic components and he used to break apart anything with electronics in his garage just to figure out how they work and put them back together. Soon after neighbours found out this uncanny ability to fix any broken electronics without any guide or system diagram.

Everyone in the vicinity used to go to his garage to get radio, television and computers for his expertise in repairing electronics equipment and he did not even ask for any payment for his services. He gets his satisfaction in knowing his neighbour have someone to help them out with their electronics problems. Through the suggestion of his better half Mrs. Iswani Kosasih, who would later become the first Chief Executive of the company encourage him to open a small electronics repair shop as a part time work just to cover his expenses for help he is providing his neighbours. So Siliwangi Electronics Services was born, it was registered as a small company.

During the mid 80’s Siliwangi was dealing more on general electronics repair. By the early 90’s Mr. Shimokowa’s friend who work in the maritime industry approach him to look into the broken radar system of ship which was dock in Jakarta’s Tanjung Priok Port and he managed to repair the radar system and his network in the shipping industry grew exponentially and every time there is a radar that needs to be repaired Siliwangi was the priority to get the job due to the history of successful repairs and reasonable cost. Soon the demand for the company services grew and Mr. Shimokawa employed five electronics engineers and trained them on the navigation electronics during that time Mrs. Iswani Kosasih was appointed as the chief executive primarily to managed the finances, manage staffs and customer base of the company. Mr. Shimokawa took the lead in the engineering department of the company becoming the Chief Technology Officer.

The company further expanded and included in its portfolio the supply, maintenance and repair of ships on board communications equipment such as HF SSB, VHF and UHF two way radios and the associated spare parts which also increase the employee based of the company to help managed the growing volume of work. Due to the rapid expansion of the business, Siliwangi Electronics Services was able to secure funding from angel investors in Singapore and the Philippines who are involved in telecommunications and navigation business. The business now operates in both Jakarta and Surabaya. The engineering staff of the company have combine 50 years of experience in marine electronics and communications ranging from old school gyrocompass to the sophisticated integrated navigation system.

In 2014, Mr. Shimokawa’s daughter took over the company’s helm as the New Chief Executive Officer, she brings with her extensive experience in business management with operational background in the services sector of the electronics and telecommunications industries. Her first move was the re-branding of the company as Siliwangi Marine Technologies to reflect its ever-growing portfolio of products and services. She also expanded the companies’ portfolio.

The company now carries product such ranging from Integrated Navigation Systems, Electronic Navigation Charts, Radars, Gyro & Magnetic Compass, GMDSS/HF SSB/VHF/UHF Radio Communications, AIS/UAIS and Search and Rescue (SAR) Equipment. The company also provides end-to-end services support solutions. The current management team has a combine 40 years of business and leadership experience. Siliwangi is now the supplier of navigation equipment and providing technical support for five Indonesia shipping companies, it also maintains cooperation with major equipment manufacturer based in Singapore and Europe.

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