Sound Navigation and Ranging

Furuno Dual Frequency Seachlight Sonar CH-300

Compact soundome contains a dual-frequency transducer. See fish targets you have never seen before! Operating frequency can be selected from either 60/153 or 85/215 kHz, gives a highly detailed search near and all around the vessel. Features Incorporates both a low...

Furuno Searchlight Sonar CH-270

A remarkable compact hull unit that reliably scans all around the vessel in a specified sector, bearing and tilt angle The CH-270 is a sophisticated searchlight sonar designed for small fishing vessels or pleasure craft. Individual fish, fish schools and underwater...

Furuno Searchlight Sonar CH-250

Power search in eight modes for fishing and other sonar applications The CH-250 is a revolutionary, high-performance searchlight sonar designed for a wide range of commercial fishing vessels. Fish and underwater objects are displayed on a compact color LCD screen....

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