Tokyo Keiki

Tokyo Keiki GM Series

Thanks to TOKYO KEIKI's state-of-the-art technology, gyrocompass instrumentation for heading reference is now available at reasonable cost to operators of small commercial vessels and fishing boats. The advantages of gyroscope technology offered by the specially...

Tokyo Keiki ES Series

  Meets IMO Regulations A-424 Step Motor Output Model ES-160, the newest in the ES series lineup, is a compact gyrocompass which exceeds IMO requirements. Employing TOKYO KEIKI's latest mechatronics and computer technology, it is especially designed for use on board...

Tokyo Keiki TG Series

The TG-8000 Gyrocompass features longer life and a diverse range of output signals, both the results of TOKYO KEIKI's extensive experience in design and manufacturing. The TG-8000, in space-saving compact form, consists of two units, a master compass and control unit....

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